Perks of collaborating with other experts

Rich content

Experts with real-world experiences share their hard-earned Insights.

Divided workload

Any expert can make contributions with any amount of free time.

Aggregated audience

As each expert promotes the channel, the audience grows exponentially.

Best solution for being successful
in content creation


Interview with expert


Interview with expert

We provide everything you need
to co-create with experts

Co-production of Content

Collaboratively explain complex topics
with experts holding different perspectives

Shared Ownership

Distribute the channel's ownership
to incentivize the engaged members

Content Quality Assurance

The quality of every content is assessed
through a voting system before publishing

Effortless Payment Distribution

Each member will be paid based on
their contribution to the channel

Great Interface for your subscribers


We'll help you grow your channel!

Email and notification tools focused on retention.
Short clips to promote your channel on any social media.
A dedicated account manger would be focused on your channel

Best way to monetize expertise & network

Channels have two types of topics:

Free topics

attract new members

Premium topics

accessible to paid subscribers
Members receive a token for each published content, so they will be automatically paid according to their effort.


With a simple platform fee, applied to all payments, we only make money when you make money. No hosting fees, no monthly fees, no tiered plans, no caps– unlimited everything, available to you, today.
No monthly fees.
No hidden costs.
Only 10% of income.

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Create a channel for free.
Step 2
Create your first topic.
Step 3
Interview related experts and publish the outputs as several posts.
Step 4
Advertise the channel among your audience.
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