Ask a question and invite your followers to join you in a Circle and record their Insights.

Curate and publish the hidden gems in your audience's minds.

ready-to-share content

You can share their Insights as captivating video clips on Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and etc.

easily managed circles

You can choose curators among your active audience to decide which content should get published!

Make money from with your audience

Any company or individual can pay to support Insights with different incentives:
Employee branding
Brand engagement & Awareness
User acquisition

I've been using Recom for about a month now and it has made such an impact on my social media marketing. It's super easy to use, has great analytics and most importantly gets me more engagement. It's also free which is awesome!

Brian Acosta, Sydney

I'm not sure why you would use or any other link in bio. Recom is totally free, you can do so much more, and they help you increase your engagement. I've been using Recom for one month on my personal account and my client account. It has helped us increase our engagement with Instagram by 15% (and even more).

Abbey Robinson, Brisbane

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on CGC & UGC:

Founder of RugRadio
The most powerful tool in marketing is UGC (User Generated Content). Take Warby Parker for example, who led this charge and got a $3B valuation, using content created by its community. The amount of Rug Radioᵍᵐ UGC I’ve seen is insane and we haven’t taken off yet.
Community + Advocacy HubSpot
We'll continue to see a shift from product led growth to community led growth. I also expect more companies to start referring to user generated content (UGC) as community generated content (CGC). Less "user" verbiage.
building community RosielandHQ
UGC (User Generated Content) is so last decade.

CGC (Community Generated Content) is where it's at.

It’s totally free!
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