Utilize your specific background to make a successful transition to product management

The role of product manager (PM) is the most fascinating role within tech teams right now. Product managers sit at the center of technology, business, and design. So you need technical skills, leadership ability, planning prowess, and a zealous appreciation for continuous improvement. You can turn to a good pm with any background and There isn't really a prescribed path to becoming a product manager as long as you are deeply curious about the business, its products, and customers. But your background can determine the level of success in your career. If you find a way to connect the dots and apply your current knowledge and skills in the product management context, that's where you can thrive, and that's the place that is uniquely designed for you. In this topic, we will hear stories from successful PMs with different backgrounds about how they started product management roles and the pros/cons of their specific background. You have two ways to learn from this topic Only consume posts that are related to your background to enlighten your path to product management or If you consume all the posts, you will learn who the PMS behind successful products are and how they leveraged their background to thrive.